Since 1986

The Rototilt® tiltrotator first saw the light of day in 1986 and has since brought change to an entire industry. 

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The tiltrotator which turns all types of excavators into multi-functional construction machines.

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Compactors, buckets, grapples, grapple module, quick couplers, pin grabber - attachments specially designed for your tiltrotator.

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Right position at any angle. Integrate RPS with your grade control system for unique precicion and maximum efficiency.

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Downtime costs money

Rototilt® QuickChange™ makes switching tools much easier and more efficient, it also makes a welcome change. Each tool changer only takes a few seconds as there is no need to leave the excavator or connect the tool by hand.

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The right product for your excavator

Which Rototilt® is right for me? What tools are there for my excavator? Use our guide to find the right tool

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Distributor in UK

The newly formed Company of Rototilt UK have been appointed the exclusive distributor of Rototilt® in the UK and Irish markets.

Working from a fully equipped workshop, Rototilt UK employ specialist hydraulic and electrical engineers to tackle any installation or repair work related to tiltrotators or excavator attachment.

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