Hydraulic quick connect - Rototilt QuickChange™

Downtime costs money. Rototilt® QuickChange™ is a fully hydraulic connecting coupler that connects the hydraulic connectors for the tool in the same sequence as the quick coupler locks the tool. Each tool change only takes a few seconds as there is no need to leave the excavator or connect the hoses by hand.

Both the tool and the hydraulic hoses are connected and locked by the same cylinder movement. Rototilt® QuickChange™ has a pressure release function that guarantees non-pressurized tool connections and disconnections. No spills or messing with oil. This fully automatic quick coupler – based on tried-and-tested technology from OilQuick – does not affect hydraulic flow but uses the same flow as the tilt rotator. The coupler has a cover that protects against dirt when using a bucket or similar attachment.

Together with Secure Lock™, the coupler provides the world’s safest tool changes. The safety lock always confirms when the tool is coupled correctly. SecureLock™ combines hydraulic, mechanical and sensor-based functions with clear audible signals, an LED and constant monitoring.

Rototilt® QuickChange™ lets operators enjoy the best of both worlds as any tool with hydraulic quick connectors can be changed without the operator leaving the cab. In addition, all tools can still be used with a conventional coupler mount.


Model QC45-4 QC45-5 QC60-4 QC60-5 QC70 QC80
Suitable Rototilt® model R4 R4 R4, R5 R4, R5 R6, R8 R8