Rototilt® R5

For excavators with a total machine weight of 14-19 metric tons. A sophisticated power solution which - just like the other Rototilt® models - can cope with tough and sustained use.

The R5 will have the same characteristics as the rest of the Rototilt R range with result is simpler service and a longer service life. There will be an integrated carrier, improved central lubrication (ILS) and a new type of hydraulic connection. The rotor body consist of an entirely new, improved casting.

We have taken the very best from the Rototilt® R concept and added a number of smart solutions that both improve the operating characteristics and provide a better return of investement over the machine’s life.

The new tiltrotator will be equipped with the optional smart ICS control system and SecureLock™, and can be integrated with the machine's grade control system through the Rototilt® positioning solution (RPS). RPS is now available for the most common, well-established machine control systems on the market.

Technical data

Machine weight 14000 - 19000 kg
Max standard bucket volume 1.0 m³
Max bucket width 1700 mm
Max breakout force’ 140 kN
Max. breakout torque 200 kNm
Weight (from) 410 kg
Tilt angle (2x) 40°
Rotation speed (1 turn in) 7.0 s at 65 l/min
Working pressure 25 MPa
Max return pressure 2.0 MPa at 90 l/min
Recomended hydraulic flow max 104 l/min
Nr of lubrication points 4
Turn torque 8600 Nm at 25 MPa
Tilt torque singe-acting cylinders 30900 Nm
Tilt torque double acting cylinders 45100 Nm





Control System ICS


Rototilt® Positioning Solution, RPS