The right control system

The right control system gives you both full control and an instinctive feel.

The control system offers a range of functions which make your machine more user-friendly and even more efficient. Rototilt's modular-based structure means you can choose a control system depending on your excavator and the other options you want to select.

Everything from P (which stands for parallel control) and TLE (Tilt-Lock-Extra), directional valves which allow you to switch between the tilt function and an additional hydraulic socket, PropPlus which offers proportional control with simultaneous tilt, rotation, and additional functions, a pulse function and creep mode, to the market's most advanced control system, ICS (Innovative Control System).

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The right control system

Autocalibration, position sensor, saved position, pulse function and SecureLock, etc. Our ICS control system puts you in full control and optimizes your operations.

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Your choice

The new Rototilt® builds on the proven basic concept that made this tiltrotator the most popular, most efficient in the world. We've introduced a completely new way to buy tiltrotators. You choose your functions and options, and we will build you a Rototilt® to meet your own specific requirements and fit your machine.

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