Machine Coupler S50

As each excavator has its own excavation geometry, it is important with an adapted machine coupler dimensioned to support this. The design with welded side plates ensures that the machine coupler is optimised according to the size of base machine/excavator.

Rototilt’s machine couplers are manufactured with a shell of quenched and tempered cast steel with a wide attachment for a long service life. A heavy-duty locking wedge design gives a completely play-free machine coupler with well protected and few component parts.

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Technical data

Permitted lock pressure, min 30 bar 30 bar
Permitted lock pressure, max 120 bar 120 bar
Opening pressure 350 bar 350 bar
Permitted positive torque 47940 65 kNm
Permitted negative torque 30980 42 kNm
Permitted max. load, lift hook 3.0 Ton 3.0 Ton
Max. weight class, base machine/excavator 11 Ton 11 Ton


Machine coupler S50