In order to be a world-leader in our sector, we require a wide range of professions and competencies, but also peak competency.  

We have all the professional categories needed to follow our products from development to delivery. We regard the fact that we have gathered our resources in Vindeln as a great strength since the closeness to each other and opportunity to learn from each other as well as the potential to develop and come up with new ideas is increased with everyone at the one site.

We work according to a clear philosophy where continual improvement is part of our working day. We think that it is important to keep our philosophy alive and so we have regular training initiatives in the area.

The fact that we have employees who want to develop and contribute to the business is of the greatest importance in maintaining our position in the market.

Thanks to this, we achieve open and honest communication between employees and managers and a climate where we recognize and look after each other's competence and strengths.