Always in the right position, with automatic tilt function

Rototilt's positioning solution, RPS, together with the excavation system, shows the exact position of the tool in real time. It allows you to easily measure and check your work from the cab, thus guaranteeing greater efficiency. In short; faster decisions, fewer operations and better results. Safety at the job site also increases as co-workers on the ground and surveyors can keep their focus on other tasks.

RPS provides maximum precision when operating in very tight spaces, such as when excavating in trenches and on slopes or along cliff edges. RPS is tailored to the industry's leading excavation systems such as L5, Leica, MOBA/Novatron, Topcon and Trimble, enabling use of the tiltrotator’s full range of movement within the excavation system.

The Automatic Grade Control function, which is included as standard, adjusts the tool’s tilt angle automatically according to the model in the excavation system. For operators this means significant time savings. You only need to keep track of height, and can concentrate on what is happening on the ground instead of having to set the tool via your joysticks. Automatic Grade Control is supplied with RPS and Rototilt's Innovative Control System, ICS (version 2.10.3 or later) as well as Leica's excavation system adapted for the function.

RPS is optimised for all tiltrotators in the R series in combination with ICS. RPS is available for the TLE and TE control systems, retrofitting is also possible. Always contact your dealer for current compatibility with excavator systems and specifications for tiltrotators. Local variations may occur.

Read about ICS’s smart functions below.