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Rototilt® R5

The R5 is a tiltrotator powerhouse for excavators between 14-19 metric tons. A major advantage is that you can use the ICS smart control system, the automatic quick coupler system QuickChange™ and the award-winning SecureLock™ safety solution - all in a single system.

Your tiltrotator as a part of Rototilt QuickChange™

With QuickChange™ you can change hydraulic tools without leaving the cab. With QuickChange™ on both the tiltrotator's attachment frame and the quick coupler beneath, you can automatically connect or disconnect your tiltrotator or tools for the job at hand without even leaving the cab. You can also mount your tiltrotator directly on the machine and get QuickChange™functionality for the quick coupler to quickly change hydraulic tools. The SecureLock™ safety solution is integrated with the quick coupler.

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Technical data

Machine weight, max 30865 - 41890 lb 14000 - 19000 kg
Max bucket width 67 in 1700 mm
Max breakout force 31475 lbf 140 kN
Max breakout torque 147510 ft.lb 200 kNm
Weight (from) 904 lb 410 kg
Tilt angle (2x) 40° 40°
Rotation speed (1 rotation per) 7.0 s at 17 gpm 7.0 s at 65 l/min
Working pressure 3626 psi 25 MPa
Max return line pressure 290 psi at 24 gpm 2.0 MPa at 90 l/min
Recommended hydraulic flow 27 gpm 104 l/min
Number of lubrication points 4 4
Turning torque 7043 ft.lb at 3626 psi 9549 Nm at 25 MPa
Tilt torque singe-acting cylinders 22790 ft.lb 30900 Nm
Tilt torque double acting cylinders 33265 ft.lb 45100 Nm

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