Building & Construction

A simpler way to perfect results. With Rototilt's positioning system (RPS) and the tiltrotator's ability to get around, under and over, you can maximize the usefulness of your excavator and turn it into a multitasking tool carrier

Pole raising

Versatility. Dig, place and restore. All with the help of the excavator. Final adjustment with a bucket is easy thanks to the tiltrotator being able to access around the pole without moving the machine.

Grading work

Precision. With the help of RPS, grading work becomes even more accurate as tiltrotator communicates with the machine's excavation system.

Excavation work Electricity, Water and Sewage

Flexibility & versatility. The excavator digs, places and covers .e.g. water and sewage pipes. If a pipe needs to be replaced, a tiltrotator with a trenching bucket can access to strip under the pipe.

Goods handling

Versatility. A properly equipped wheeled excavator is a flexible material handler. A tiltrotator and load holding valve make loading and unloading from goods wagons and trucks possible.

Final adjustment

Precision & time saving. Level and make final adjustments after work before e.g. laying house foundations. With a ground compactor the surface is packed for greater preparation.