Ground work

You need to be careful with overstatements, but when it comes to ground work Rototilt's solutions, are almost a revolution. In everything from stripping to final adjustment you add millimetre precision, flexibility and feel that makes the job more effective and the end result even better.


New benefits. For example, when stripping uneven rock it is a great advantage with a tiltrotator that can follow the structural differences and make perfect preparations for blasting.

Grading work

Precision & efficiency. Prior to e.g building house foundations. With the help of RPS, grading work becomes even more accurate as tiltrotator communicates with the machine's excavation system.

Final adjustment

Versatility. Level and make final adjustments after work before e.g. laying asphalt. With a ground compactor the surface is packed for greater preparation.

Stone paving

Efficiency. Final adjustment for levelling of the surface (often with ground compactor). With the correct sized grapple or grapple module, stones are quickly and easily positioned with the excavator.

Ditch digging

Precision & simplicity. When digging or adjusting ditches, the bucket can be tilted for the right angle of the ditch.


Smart solutions & versatility. With special applications, clearing in forests and streams is possible.


Versatility & efficiency. Construction of a terrace on e.g. several levels. With tiltrotator the excavator can perform everything from stripping, grading to final adjustment.

Greenbelt and landscape work

Flexibility & precision. Construction of a golf course, parks, cemeteries, etc. That is to say, sites with a lot of obstacles in the form of sculptures, water and trees or a need of minimal movement of the excavator to protect the ground or other environments. With RPS the contractor can maintain millimetre precision.

Time saving grading work. With the ability to easily reach without having to move around the machine. Your machine becomes an effective multitasker when grading using the tiltrotator system.