Rototilt QuickChange™

The new generation of Rototilt QuickChange™ for machine couplers, tiltrotators and tools lets you change hydraulic tools without even leaving the cab.

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Rototilt® Positioning Solution

Now compatible with even more excavation systems.

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The tiltrotator which turns all types of excavators into multi-functional construction machines.

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The open industry standard for fully automatic quick couplers.

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Automatic tilt function with RPS

Maximise efficiency with the ICS control system, your excavation system and your machine. Now there is the possibility for automatic tilting, Automatic Grade Control of the tool when using the RPS function.

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Rototilt® webshop

Here you can buy everything from pens, caps or clothes from our own collection Rototilt® - The Collection.


Feel safe with SecureLock™

SecureLock™ is the award-winning safety solution for quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools that minimises the risk of loose or dropped tools. SecureLock™ combines hydraulics, mechanics and sensors with clearly audible signals, and provides continuous monitoring.

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