Grapple SG40

With lifting capacities of up to 12 metric tons and clamping forces of up to an incredible 16,850 lbf, our stone grapples are perfect for heavier tasks such as handling boulders, lifting timber, demolition, and scrap sorting. 

The stone grapples are engineered for truly tough jobs, maximum safety and long service life. They have expander pins for simple readjustment and smarter maintenance and one of the market's biggest grapple widths.

Additionally, all of the stone grapples have end position buffering which automatically decelerates the grapple claws at their fully open position eliminating shocks and resulting in less wear and increased service life for the product and components.

Adding a stone grapple will make your machine even more versatile and able to handle really tough sorting assignments quickly and efficiently. Both multi-grapples and sorting grapples are customized for Rototilt's tiltrotators. There is also a size to fit every tiltrotator, which means you can exploit your machine's full capacity without having to compromise on flexibility.

Accumulators and load-holding valves for maximum safety.

Double parallel shafts for maximum performance.

Expander pins increase service life and lower service costs.

The replaceable cutting edges are manufactured from tempered drilling steel for maximum

Robust chassis, generously dimensioned and optimized for best durability.

End position buffering for cushioned operation and minimal wear.

Wide grapple claws (extra wide for SOG80) for maximum stability during lifts.

Grating-style grapple claws for best durability and optimized weight.

Bucket roof adapted to fit different attachment systems provides inbuilt flexibility. Modular, easily adaptable

The market's biggest grapple width means you can use the full impressive clamping force.

Technical data

Minimum working pressure 190 bar 190 bar
Maximum working pressure 250 bar 250 bar
Pressure relief valve 250 bar 250 bar
Recommended flow 60 l/min 60 l/min
Max flow grapple closed (+) 41 l/min 41 l/min
Max flow, grapple open (-) 25 l/min 25 l/min
Gripping force - arms open 37 kN 37 kN
Gripping force - arms tip-to-tip 2029 Nm 2029 Nm
Max permissible load 7000 kg 7000 kg
Weight 465 kg 465 kg
Grapple area 0.2 m² 0.2 m²
Max grip width 182 cm 182 cm
Min. diameter 41 cm 41 cm
Width 54 cm 54 cm
Height, tip-to-tip 89 cm 89 cm
Height, max grip width 68 cm 68 cm

Measurement specification

Brochure 2018



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