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Rototilt® R4

The R4 is the advanced tiltrotator for excavators between 10-16 metric tons, built to handle the most demanding of jobs. The updated model has a new rotation sensor in the end section that enables more accurate positioning. A big advantage is that you can use the ICS smart control system, the automatic QuickChange™ coupler and the award-winning SecureLock™ safety solution – all in one unified system.

Several benefits

The updated R4 model also has all of Rototilt's other unique benefits:

  • An oil-filled rotor housing cast in a single piece for maximum lubrication and minimal wear, which means very long service life.
  • Rototilt's control system (ICS) boosts your tiltrotator with smart functions and outstanding user-friendliness, enabling both productivity-enhancing automation (RPS) and market-leading safety (SecureLock™) in one and the same system.
  • Simpler maintenance and longer service life thanks to integrated carrier plates, improved central lubrication (ILS) and a new type of hydraulic coupling.


Your tiltrotator as a part of Rototilt QuickChange™

With QuickChange™ you can change hydraulic tools without leaving the cab. With QuickChange™ on both the tiltrotator's attachment frame and the quick coupler beneath, you can automatically connect or disconnect your tiltrotator or tools for the job at hand without even leaving the cab. You can also mount your tiltrotator directly on the machine and get QuickChange™functionality for the quick coupler to quickly change hydraulic tools. The SecureLock™ safety solution is integrated with the quick coupler.

Read more about Rototilt QuickChange™.

Switch between tiltrotator and tools with QuickChange™ >>

If you want the option of quickly setting aside your tiltrotator to work with just one tool, equip your machine with a QuickChange™ machine coupler and tiltrotator with QuickChange™. The attachment frame is based on the S standard with a robust, bolted coupling unit that provides a flexible solution to enable different hydraulic configurations. The technical solutions and components are of the highest quality.

<< Hydraulic tool changes without leaving the cab with QuickChange™

By equipping your tiltrotator with the new generation of the QuickChange™ quick coupler you can change hydraulic and electronic tools without leaving the cab. The unique design of the locking cylinder and couplings with valve blocks, as well as integration of SecureLock™, gives you the market's safest automatic quick coupler system.


Right cast goods at the right place ››

A cast rotor housing is both stronger and lighter than welded alternatives. The thickness of the casting is optimised according to the load on the various parts.

‹‹ Powerful worm gear

Large bearing surfaces effectively absorb and distribute excavation forces.

Protected hydraulic motor ››

The specially designed guard for the hydraulic motor is integrated with the cast rotor housing and protects it against impact and shocks from beneath.

‹‹ Smart attachment frame

With a direct attachment frame, you get lower overall costs, lower weight and more digging power. For maximum flexibility, we have developed our own, patented multi-attachment frame.

Powerful cylinder solutions with load management ››

All our cylinders feature load management as standard, which increases workplace safety; the load is secure, even in the event of a hose rupture, for example

Self-lubricating bushings on the cylinder attachments mean fewer lubrication points and consequently simpler maintenance.

Choose between single-action or double-action cylinders. Single-action for as compact a solution as possible and double-action to maximise power. 

‹‹ Excellent safety

All solutions and parts are tested to maximise safety, durability and ease of use. From quality assurance of all component parts, to control systems, couplings and tool locking. With SecureLock™ you can be sure that your tools are correctly attached from the start and that they stay that way.

‹‹ Smart control systems

With Rototilt® you can choose the control system that optimises your excavator and contributes to increased performance, better handling and more options for settings. Choose between ICS, TLE and TE. Your tiltrotator works optimally even in very difficult operating conditions.

More precise positioning with new rotation sensor ››

The sensor in the hydraulic motor has been replaced with a rotation sensor in the housing. The new sensor uses absolute readings with greater precision, providing even better positioning together with Rototilt RPS.

‹‹ Electric swivel

With an electric swivel (optional), you can control the valves on the tools coupled to your tiltrotator. In this way, even more advanced tools can be used.

Hydraulic high-flow swivel ››

With a high-flow swivel (optional), you can use flow-intensive tools at up to 200 litres/min. and 350 bar.

‹‹ Long service life

Sturdy, amply dimensioned pins, shafts and bushings make your tiltrotator from Rototilt® more robust and long-lasting than any other tiltrotator on the market.

Stability and strength ››

A very strong bolted joint holds the rotor housing and the quick coupler in a firm grip.

‹‹ High performance

Rototilt's tiltrotators work with higher system pressure than other brands on the market. This provides better performance for all functions – such as for important tilt and torque manoeuvres, and more clamping force when using a grapple.

Technical data

Machine weight, max 10000 - 16000 kg 10000 - 16000 kg
Max bucket width 1600 mm 1600 mm
Max breakout force 125 kN 125 kN
Max. breakout torque 163 kNm 163 kNm
Weight (from) 315 kg 315 kg
Tilt angle (2x) 40° 40°
Rotation speed (1 turn in) 7.0 s at 60 l/min 7.0 s at 60 l/min
Working pressure 25 MPa 25 MPa
Max return pressure 2.0 MPa at 70 l/min 2.0 MPa at 70 l/min
Recomended hydraulic flow max 80 l/min 80 l/min
Nr of lubrication points 8 8
Turn torque 8200 Nm at 25 MPa 8200 Nm at 25 MPa
Tilt torque singe-acting cylinders 26500 Nm 26500 Nm
Tilt torque double acting cylinders 40500 Nm 40500 Nm

The products in the photos may have additional accessories and features. Technical data and weights may vary depending on the configuration and equipment. We reserve the right to change specifications or designs without prior notice and assume no responsibility for any actual errors that may occur. There may be variations in product programs and equipment standards between the markets. For more information concerning current product specifications, local adaptations and special equipment, please contact your nearest sales office.