Rototilt is the original

A true tiltrotator is filled with oil It's that simple. This is why Rototilt’s tiltrotators are oil filled. And have always been.

Oil has special properties that are particularly beneficial for tiltrotators. Cog contact in a worm gear is characterised by significant friction, which produces heat. This heat is dissipated by the oil to the entire rotor housing, which is something that does not occur with grease.

One of the secrets of our technological development is Rototilt's unique test lab that we use to evaluate technical solutions. Thanks to this lab, we are well advanced in tribology, or the study of interaction of surfaces in relative motion.

Read more about oil versus grease and watch the video in which our lead engineer Niklas Bjuhr explains the benefits of an oil-filled rotor housing.

Oil reduces wear

You should change the oil every 1000 hours on your Rototilt® tiltrotator.

“It’s important to get rid of abrasive particles. By changing the oil, wear is significantly reduced,” says research manager Richard Larker.

Richard Larker on the benefits of oil

Need high flows or extra electronics?

Our modular thinking lets you choose your preferred swivel type. We can provide a high flow swivel with up to 200 l/min at 300 bar (depending on machine type) for tools that demand high flows

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