Rototilt® R4 is our tiltrotator designed for excavators weighing between 10-16 tonnes. The R4 is built to cope easily with the harsh environments and significant stresses it will be exposed to in your daily work. Despite its low weight and compact format, the R4 can handle breakout torques of up to 163 kNm. With Rototilt's worm gear you get a smoother experience with less friction. The R4 also has a rotation sensor in the end section, that provides more precise positioning with RPS. In addition, the R4 has a high-pressure seal and smart grease fittings and a lower radial bearings in bronze.

This tiltrotator also includes our other functions and properties. That includes an oil-filled rotor housing cast in a single piece for maximum lubrication, minimal wear and an extremely long service life. You'll gain access to even more benefits when combining this with our control systems, the QuickChange™ quick coupler system and the SecureLock™ safety solution.

Technical specification

Machine weight, min-max 10000 - 16000 kg 10000 - 16000 kg
Weight (from) 380 kg 380 kg
Bucket width, max 1600 mm 1600 mm
Breakout force, max 125 kN 125 kN
Breakout torque, max 163 kNm 163 kNm
Tilt angle (2x) 40 ° 40 °
Rotation speed (1 revolution in) 7.0 s at 60 l/min 7.0 s at 60 l/min
Working pressure 25 MPa 25 MPa
Recommended hydraulic flow, min 91 l/min 91 l/min
Number of lubrication points 6 6
Rotation torque 7640 Nm 7640 Nm
Tilting torque, single-acting cylinders 26500 Nm 26500 Nm
Tilting torque, double-acting cylinders 38600 Nm 38600 Nm
Dimension A, Width 729 mm 729 mm
Dimension B, Installation height total 1037 mm 1037 mm
Dimension C, Length 705 mm 705 mm
Dimension D, Installation height 503 mm 503 mm

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