Grading beams

With an excavator grading beam from Rototilt®, you achieve perfect grading results with fewer machine movements. Our models improve your grading work on roads and larger land areas. The tool has been optimised for Rototilt’s tiltrotators and machine couplers, and together they allow you to utilise the performance and precision of the entire tiltrotator system. The grading beams are available in a number of dimensions and are made from highly durable steel. They are also supplied with an adjustable roller and bearings of the highest quality. Wear parts made of HB450 steel ensure that the grading beam has a long service life. What’s more, it is ready for the installation of a GPS excavation system, which together with Rototilt’s RPS™ positioning system enables optimal control. 

NOTE: It is important to only use the grading beam for surface levelling, as the tiltrotator will otherwise be exposed to high load stress. When moving larger volumes, Rototilt’s buckets are recommended. 


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