Rototilt’s multi-grapple is optimised for use under a tiltrotator, and is specially designed for the construction industry. Thanks to its robust and well-thought-out design, the multi-grapple can cope with high loads from the excavator at many different angles. In combination with our new, angled AFT ST tool attachment frame, you gain additional flexibility, for example as it is easier to upgrade to QuickChange™.

The grapple has a number of smart features for you as a user. For example, replaceable expander pins ensure easy adjustment, while end-limit damping and end-limit stops automatically brake the grapple claws at full opening position, eliminating impacts. The grip is fully enclosing, which means you can easily lift and handle even small objects. Our latest generation of multi-grapples has three lifting points, making it even easier to handle stones, for example.


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