One of the leading manufacturer of safe and efficient tiltrotatorsystems

Rototilt Inc is the daughter company of Rototilt Group AB, a Swedish company who introduced the tiltrotator Rototilt® to the market more than 30 years ago.

Rototilt Inc

Rototilt Inc. was established in 2007 in Brantford, Ontario as a dedicated North American operations to service and support Rototilt customers throughout Canada and the United States. Rototilt Inc. carries a comprehensive inventory of Rototilt® attachments and spare parts as well as offering a full rebuild facility to re-life tiltrotators after years of use. Our Service Technicians are available to provide customer technical support and to assist dealers on the installation and servicing of Rototilt attachments. 


Rototilt Group AB

All knowledge, resources and experience are housed together in the modern research and testing facility in Vindeln, in northern Sweden, where new technical innovations are continuously tested and evaluated. There our development department works together with leading Swedish universities to optimize materials and designs for maximum productivity and service life.

In addition to the facility being the birthplace of Rototilt's own inventions, materials experts, designers and production engineers work side by side. Rototilt even has its own lecturer in tribology – the science of friction, abrasion and lubrication of surfaces in sliding or rolling contact.