The next generation of machine couplers

No chain is stronger than its weakest link. Our machine coupler means we can offer contractors an optimised package with machine coupler, tiltrotator, control system and tools. All parts of the chain are designed for harsh conditions and to interact with each other. With QuickChange™ on your machine coupler, you become even more productive, changing hydraulic tools without even leaving the cab.

Rototilt presents a new generation of powerfully dimensioned machine couplers. No other coupler available on the market offers the same combination of durability, optimised excavation geometry and safety.

Machine couplers from Rototilt eliminate the risk of swinging or dropped tools thanks to the world-leading locking system SecureLock™ being integrated in the coupler.

As each excavator has its own excavation geometry, an adapted machine coupler is dimensioned to support this.

Rototilt’s machine couplers are manufactured with a shell of quenched and tempered cast steel with a wide attachment for a long service life. A heavy-duty locking wedge design gives a completely play-free machine coupler with well protected and few component parts. 

The machine couplers are optimised for the ICS control system in combination with SecureLock™, but can also be combined with Rototilt’s other control systems.

  • QuickChange™ for coupling hydraulic tools without leaving the cab
  • SecureLock™ ensures that tools are always properly secured
  • Dimensioned for large breaking forces
  • The lock cylinder retains the tool even with a pressure drop
  • Large contact surfaces counteract wear
  • Play-free design with powerful locking wedges
  • Safe locking with SecureLock™

Rototilt QuickChange™ on the machine coupler

Rototilt QuickChange™ is a fully automatic quick coupler system, especially developed for Rototilt's tiltrotators, machine couplers and tools. This means that you can change hydraulic tools without leaving the cab. Machine couplers with QuickChange™ utilize the same basic design as other machine couplers, including SecureLock™.

More about Rototilt QuickChange™.