Easier tool handling an eye-opener



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Jonny Lindblom, Elleholms Maskin

Elleholms Maskin, based in Sölvesborg and Karlshamn, is a growing contracting company with 60 employees. One of them is Jonny Lindblom, who has been an excavator operator at the company since 2014. The equipment he works with on a daily basis is a Volvo machine, equipped both with a tiltrotator and other equipment from Rototilt. “I had the opportunity to change machines and I tested their universal bucket and the included machine coupler, and I liked a lot,” says Jonny.“I’ve really been pleased with the tiltrotators. In 10,000 hours of uptime, we’ve only had to replace a single hose.”

He has moved up a level and is now using a R5 tiltrotator and has equipped the excavator with QuickChange.

“It was an eye-opener to see how much easier it was to handle work tools. And for me it was natural to continue with Rototilt. From start to finish, it was just easier to have everything from the same manufacturer,” Jonny explains.

“An important part of this was the good contact I had with Rototilt. It was great being able to turn to the same people to discuss the challenges. It helped in making decisions.”


Project breadth

The latest subcontracting projects for Elleholms Maskin have included an expansion of Kockums Maskin plant in Kallinge and the construction of the Lyckeby starch factory in Mjällby.

"Lately, there have also been a lot of paddle courts.But I’ve also recently worked on a playground and a shopping mall. There’s quite a bit of breadth in our projects.”


“Entirely different precision”

One of his favourite tools is the compactor from Rototilt.

“A standard 500-kilo unit is difficult to lift in and out. The Rototilt compactor works so much better, and I can work slopes thanks to the tiltrotator. It also gives me entirely different precision. You often have to figure on additional compression, but here I can see exactly the gradient I’m keeping thanks to the compactor's input into the excavation system,” says Jonny, pointing out that he can get the job done in half the time it would have taken with a conventional manual compactor.

"We also eliminate the need to be moving the equipment around all the time. We’re saving a lot of time and space thanks to the compactor,” says Jonny.

“Time is money, and the freedom to be able to change tools quickly and smoothly with QuickChange is worth a lot.”


Time savings

For founder and managing director Johannes Henriksson, there are clear benefits with the setup, and he does not rule out equipping more machines with QuickChange. He currently has about 25 excavators, ranging from 2 to 32 tonnes.

“It feels like the trend is moving in this direction. It's made work more efficient, safer and easier,” says Johannes.“Above all we're seeing higher profits from the jobs we do ourselves, making it easy to justify tiltrotators in becoming even more efficient. It's not as easy to justify increased costs for rentals, although I think our customers will eventually realize how much time they can save there as well.”


Skilled personnel a factor for success

From an employer perspective, he also sees it as a strength to keep up with the developments in modern machinery and the ever-higher technological standard.

“It has been an advantageous for us and made it easy to recruit skilled employees,” says Johannes.“If you have modern equipment and newer machines, the word spreads and when this happens, the company sells itself. It's been a major success factor for us in attracting the right people and growing the company.”

He founded the firm in 2009, formed a limited company in 2011 and expects sales of SEK 120 million this year.

"The first year I ran it all myself and had sales of SEK 1.5 million, so of course, quite a bit has happened. It's almost hard to take in when you're in the midst of it all.We now have several municipal agreements and work for the larger civil engineering and construction companies, in addition to the jobs that we take on ourselves, but I expect that things will slow down a little next year and level off some. That's actually going to feel a bit nice,” he says with a laugh.