Extended warranty for Rototilt machine couplers



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Rototilt is introducing a two-year warranty on all new machine couplers delivered from 1 January 2023. As a result, the standard warranty is being extended from one to two years. “We set ourselves apart by calculating the warranty period from the delivery date, rather than limiting it to a maximum number of hours of use. Our machine couplers are robust and stable, which enables us to offer a two-year warranty,” says Jan Karlsson, Head of Orders and Aftermarket at Rototilt.

Rototilt’s machine couplers are the result of thorough product development in order to meet future demands from machine operators around the world. The machine couplers have been developed to cope with ever larger and heavier challenges, and have been manufactured with a frame of tempered cast steel for a long service life.

“In our view, our machine couplers represent a really good combination of durability, excavation geometry and safety,” says Jan.

A warranty case is initiated by the customer contacting their dealer. The dealer in turn submits an application regarding the complaint. Rototilt’s general warranty terms and conditions apply. The warranty for tiltrotators refers to products delivered in 2017 or later and for machine couplers delivered from 1 January 2023.

“Initiating a case should be smooth and easy. We are convinced that our products are of a high quality, both our tiltrotators and our machine couplers, and by now introducing the same warranty period, we also want our customers to share that sense of security,” says Jan.

The warranty is valid immediately on delivery, without any registration requirement. Rototilt also always offers a two-year warranty on tiltrotators.