New generation of Rototilt grapples promises strength and durability



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Rototilt is continuing its latest series of product launches with a new generation of sorting and multi grapples. "It's one of the most popular products in our tool lineup. Continuous innovation is how we're going to keep it that way," says Senior Product Manager Sven-Roger Ekström.

The Rototilt Group has a strong tradition of innovation and product development, creating new features for excavators through tiltrotators, machine couplers, and original work tools. Now, they are expanding their line of tools with a new generation of grapples for excavators. A new design and cylinder are two of the main features of the new grapples. According to Sven-Roger Ekström, Senior Product Manager at Rototilt, this is why both grapples are more powerful than previous models in the same weight class.

"Grapples under a tiltrotator are exposed to large loads at many angles, so it's important that they are sufficiently strong and durable," says Sven-Roger. "Improving this has been our main objective with the new generation. The multi grapples' wraparound design has an added lifting point, making it easier to handle objects like rocks. The sorting grapples have reversible end steel and close tip-to-tip. With the new powerful cylinder, users from our field tests have noticed a big difference in grapple force compared to previous models."

An ongoing theme of the new grapples seems to be durability. What's also new is that the load holding valve is integrated into the cylinder, making the construction more compact, and the valve more protected from outside wear and tear. They also have double parallel braces and expander pins for quick adjustments.

"This design minimizes the risk of damage over time," says Sven-Roger. "When also adding end position stop and end position damping, the grapple becomes even better protected from damage. The grapples combined with the tool attachment frame AFT ST also facilitates that the grapple can rotate and tilt straight with the tiltrotator. Our tools are always optimized for use under a tiltrotator; this is a perfect example of that."

The new grapples from Rototilt are also compatible with the Open-S standard, meaning that users are free to combine products from a variety of manufacturers.

"The choice of which coupler, tiltrotator, or tool should always be up to the machine contractor or operator," says Sven-Roger. "If you already have products from another manufacturer connected to Open-S, our grapples will work well with your system."

Sales for the new grapples are estimated to start in the fall of 2023.