Open-S Alliance winner of Swedish Demolition Award 2022 for innovation



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The Open-S Alliance wins the Swedish Demolition Award in the “Great Innovation Award for manufacturers/suppliers” category. The Open-S Alliance organisation was awarded at a ceremony at the Swedish Demcon demolition fair in Stockholm on November 24, 2022. The award applies to Open-S, the open standard for fully automatic quick couplers for excavators. Open-S Alliance is the non-profit organization that develops and promotes the Open-S standard.

"We are very pleased with the award and it shows the support for an open standard that do not lock customers into a proprietary supplier solution for quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools," says Stefan Stockhaus, Board member of Open-S Alliance AB.

Swedish magazine Professionell Demolering in association with Swedish industry associations Drilling Contractors and Riv- och Saneringsentreprenörerna has handed out the Swedish Demolition Award ("Det Svenska Demoleringspriset") since 2012. The “Great Innovation Award for manufacturers/suppliers” is given to a manufacturer or supplier for the launch of an innovation or a particularly distinctive development of an existing product.

In the demolition industry where many and fast work tool changes are common, fully automatic quick couplers are becoming increasingly popular. Open-S is a standard for the hydraulic interface between quick coupler, tiltrotator and attachments. The standard makes it easier for machine operators and contractors to choose machine couplers, tiltrotators and tools, and be confident that these work together. Open-S also safeguards against being locked into a single manufacturer’s proprietary solution.

" We are in talks with several manufacturers and hope to be able to announce additional members in the near future" says Anders Jonsson, Chairman of the Board of Open-S Alliance AB.

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