Rototilt extends its range of tool attachment frames for more work tools and areas of use



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Rototilt is launching a new generation of tool attachment frames that will offer greater flexibility and the potential to accommodate more work tools and areas of use. The launch will include 41 new variations in both the standard configuration and with QuickChange, as well as new models for the demolition segment.

The tool attachment frame constitutes the link between a work tool and the excavator’s machine coupler or tiltrotator. It is also key to making the entire chain work. Rototilt is now extending its range significantly. They are launching a total of four new tool attachment frames in 41 variations, in order to match the vast majority of hole patterns on the market.

“Although the tool attachment frame is somewhat hidden away in the tiltrotator system, it is key to making the entire system work,” explains Jörgen Bergfors, Product Specialist. “For users of QuickChange in particular, it is important for us to create a durable and flexible solution. We have really listened, and this investment is enabling us to meet the need for significantly more work tools and areas of use. The attachment frames for certain tools will also offer a 6° compensation to work optimally below our tiltrotator.”

In addition to a wider range for end users, the new generation is also offering new benefits for dealers of Rototilt’s products. This is achieved, in part, by the new tool attachment frames having the same basic design in both the standard configuration and with QuickChange.

“Our dealers will be able to stock fewer basic models and still easily create multiple different variants,” says Jörgen.


More models for heavy work

In addition to tool attachment frames for service tools, Rototilt is releasing more variants for heavy work, which are especially useful in the demolition segment. These include a version without a base plate, which can potentially be welded directly onto heavy work tools.

“With our fully automatic quick coupling system QuickChange, the excavator operator is able to detach and attach the tiltrotator very quickly, as well as switch to heavy tools such as hammers and sorting grapples. The weldable tool attachment frame will generate considerable benefits for our users in the demolition segment,” says Jörgen.

As tool attachment frames are connected to the Open-S standard, end users can also combine Rototilt tool attachment frames with machine couplers and tiltrotators that also use the same standard. This makes it possible for work tool manufacturers to prepare their products for QuickChange, adds Jörgen.

“This is good news for anyone who uses couplers, work tools or tiltrotators within Open-S,” says Bergfors. “Other manufacturers of work tools, for example for the demolition sector, will also be able to offer this as a package to their customers.”

Sales of the new generation of tool attachment frames are scheduled to launch in autumn 2023.

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