Rototilt nominated for electrical connector at the World Demolition Awards



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Rototilt has been nominated at the World Demolition Awards in the category of ‘Innovation - Tools and Attachments’, for their electrical connector Q14. The electrical connector increases reliability in fully automatic quick coupler systems. “Sometimes, the biggest innovations are in the smallest details,” says Hampus Jonsson, Business Area Manager at Rototilt.

It might seem like a small thing to focus on, an electrical contact in an industry with such large machines. But for Rototilt, improving the stability of the electrical connector Q14 has made a big impact for electronics in fully automatic coupling systems. Rototilt is nominated at the World Demolition Awards, for innovation within the fields of tools and attachment, for developing the electrical connector Q14.

“The need for reliable electrical connection between an excavator and tools is increasing as technology develops,” says Hampus Jonsson, Business Area Manager. “We discovered that existing electrical solutions that are connected automatically are too unstable and prohibit the development of new tools and technical solutions. We wanted to change that.”

The electrical contact is a prerequisite for a complete system of hydraulics and electronics in a fully automatic quick coupler. Everything from the safety lock to the control system relies on a stable electrical connector. For Rototilt, existing solutions did not cope with the high pressures, harsh environments, or their own demands on connection quality.

“Thanks to Q14, we can offer a coupling system that can be connected automatically with both hydraulics and electronics,” says Jonsson. “With more pins and bigger contact surfaces, we have increased the connection reliability and enabled a higher data capacity. It has a protected design and is completely watertight in the coupled position. In fact, the design makes it self-cleaning in the coupling sequence.”

The World Demolition Awards are held in Toronto, Canada and the winners of each category will be announced on October 17th and 18th. Rototilt is nominated alongside two other companies for this award, Mantovanibenne from Italy, and Rotar from the Netherlands.

“We are in good company,” says Jonsson. “It’s a true honor just to be nominated and to be recognized for our hard work in developing Q14. We are happy to see such positive response, both in our own field tests and from the end-users. This nomination is further proof of that.”