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Rototilt has been present in North America for over a decade. With numerous tiltrotators on the market and many happy diggers out there we would like to share some of the stories. Read about our customers and on how Rototilt has transformed their excavator - and their business.

Wilson Ponds about the Rototilt tiltrotator system

“It took a bit to get used to because you’re used to the old way, but then it was, ‘Oh wow, this is starting to work out well.’ By the end of the job, I thought ‘oh my god, whoever invented this was a genius’. This is amazing.” Wilson Ponds.

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Chute Construction about Rototilt

“That Rototilt never comes off the machine; it stays on 365 days a year,” explains company co-owner, Tyler Chute. “Even if we work with concrete or in frost, we still use it. Depending on the application, we just change the bucket. With Rototilt, we eliminate the need for another machine.”

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Pete Stroeder Contracting Inc. about Rototilt

With two machines equipped with Rototilt, Stroeder says he can’t imagine working on landscaping, residential and golf course projects without an excavator equipped with a tiltrotator.

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Core engineering about Rototilt

“In my experience, that first job should have taken me a week. When I showed up with that machine, it only took me a day and a half,” said Lara, adding his client was so impressed, the scope of the project was expanded from $30,000 to $150,000. “I took over 70 percent of the landscaper's work when he told the client 'let David do it since he has all the equipment'.”

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