Trenching bucket

When digging narrow cable trenches, pipe culverts or drains, a properly customised trenching bucket is very useful.

Our trenching buckets have a smooth and stable design for adaptive and safer excavation geometry. This is especially important when accessibility is limited, the margins are small and precision excavation beyond the norm is required. With its narrow shape and effective blade, the bucket reaches deep into trenches. The extended front section, in addition to ensuring better access e.g. when excavating for pipes and cables, also provides extra protection for the tiltrotator.

  • Extended front section provides superior accessibility
  • Otpimized excavation geometry: Smooth and stable design delivers better precision
  • Customised roof angle for Rototilt’s tiltrotator and machine coupler
  • Extra durable: High-quality steel (HB 450 and HB 500) in exposed sections
  • Reinforced bucket roof: Strengthens the roof and minimizes the risk of cracks