The right control system makes your excavator more efficient

Selecting a control system is one of the most important choices when investing in a tiltrotator-equipped excavator. The control system is essential for safety, ergonomics, flexibility, operability, reliability and technical quality.

What’s most important is that you choose the control system that’s right for your excavator and your operations.

Innovative Control System, ICS™, is what we call our smartest control system. With ICS, you get the most out of your tiltrotator-equipped excavators. It's that simple. We guarantee that your work will be more efficient, profitable and much safer.

With Rototilt’s control system, you can choose from a wide range of smart features. Including SecureLock™, the positioning solution RPS™, HFS for especially high flows, smart wheel and track control and sensors for automation.

Our control systems go under the names ICS™ and TLE™.

Read about our different control systems below.

Innovative Control System™

Rototilt®’s premium proportional control system - ICS™ - meets any specific carrier or customer needs.

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Tilt-Lock-Extra, directional valves that enable switching between the tilt function and an additional hydraulic outlet on your tiltrotator. The quick coupler on the tiltrotator is also controlled by this system. The system is designed to operate with dual hydraulic functions from the machine. The tilt and rotation functions can be used at the same time if permitted by the machine.

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