High Flow Controller provides high flow for all

Do you want to run flow-intensive tools at the same time as a tiltrotator, but have only one circuit for hammer hydraulics? Then Rototilt’s patented High Flow Controller, HFC, is just what you need. Tiltrotator functions are maintained at reduced speed.

With our optional High Flow Controller you can control a large compactor, sweeper roller or any other flow-intensive tool in a single direction at the same time as a tiltrotator.

The oil is intelligently distributed between the tool and tiltrotator for simultaneous operation. The operator controls the oil flow proportionally in our ICS, up to 200 litres/minute in one direction. At full flow, the speed of the tiltrotator functions is reduced to about half the normal speed.



  • Utilisation of high flow in parallel with tiltrotator functions
  • Simple and patented solution
  • Integrated with Innovative Control System, ICS



  • Tiltrotator with High Flow Swivel, HFS. Models R4, R5, R6 or R8
  • ICS version 2.8.0 or later
  • Connection SAE-1", PSI 6000 and 24 V on base machine


Read about ICS’s smart functions below.