Other control systems - TLE™

TLE™ is a control systems that is designed for excavators with dual hydraulic circuits. The control systems is good alternative for those who need a cost-effective system.

Dual hydraulic circuits are common on smaller excavators, making TLE™ an attractive and cost-effective control system alternative. This control system also work with larger excavators with dual circuits.

TLE™ can be complemented with SecureLock™. SecureLock™ gives you safe, continuous monitoring and reduce the risk of swinging or dropped tools. This safety lock is intended for both machine coupler and tiltrotator, and corresponds to applicable safety requirements.

You can also choose the positioning solution, RPS™, which shows the exact position of the excavation system’s tools in real-time.


Machine requirements


Two dual-acting hydraulic outlets

Locking hydraulics




Tilt-Lock-Extra, directional valves that enable switching between the tilt function and an additional hydraulic outlet on your tiltrotator. The quick coupler is also controlled by this system. The system is designed to operate with dual hydraulic functions from the machine. The tilt and rotation functions can be used at the same time if permitted by the machine.