Grading beam GB1500

Rototilt’s grading beam optimises grading work on roads and larger land areas. This is a tool optimised for Rototilt’s tiltrotators and machine couplers, and in combination this tiltrotator system offers perfect grading results without the need to move the machine as often.

The grading beams, which are available in several different widths, are made from highly durable steel and come with an adjustable roller and bearings of the highest quality. Wear parts in wear-resistant HB450 steel ensure a long service life. What’s more, our grading beams are ready for the installation of an excavator GPS system, which together with Rototilt’s RPS function enables optimal control. 

NOTE: Rototilt grading beam together with the tiltrotator is an effective combination. It is important to only use the grading beam for surface leveling as otherwise the tiltrotator will be exposed to high loads. When moving larger masses, Rototilt's bucket program is recommended.

Technical data

Part number 5414177 5414177
Weight 794 lb 360 kg
Diameter 9.7 in 245 mm
Depth 52 in 1320 mm
Height 15 in 374 mm
Width 59 in 1500 mm
Quick Coupler S40, S45, S50, S60, QC60-4, QC45-4, QC60-5, QC45-5 S40, S45, S50, S60, QC60-4, QC45-4, QC60-5, QC45-5


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