Grapple module RG800

Robotilts Grapple module is an efficient picking and handling tool which makes your excavator even more versatile, and can be used for most types of grapple tasks: pipe laying, paving, light sorting, etc. 

Technical data

Item number 4103012 4103012
Weight 231 lb 105 kg
Max hydraulic pressure 3626 psi 25 MPa
Grapple force, max open 1731 lbf 7.7 kN
Grapple force, jaw to jaw 3057 lbf 14 kN
Max lifting capacity 2205 lb 1000 kg
Quick coupler S1, S60, HS10, QC60-4, QC65, QC60-5 S1, S60, HS10, QC60-4, QC65, QC60-5


A 19,45 in 494 mm
B 6,1 in 155 mm
C 9,13 in 232 mm
F 15,59 in 396 mm
G 35,39 in 899 mm
H 32,6 in 828 mm
I 26,77 in 680 mm
J 23,39 in 594 mm
K 18,54 in 471 mm

Quick couplers

  • S1
  • S60
  • HS10
  • QC60-4
  • QC65
  • QC60-5

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