With a QuickChange™ machine coupler, you can make automatic hydraulic tool changes without leaving the cab. For example, you can easily set aside the tiltrotator as needed and quickly switch between different tools. The SecureLock™ safety solution is standard. It saves time, raises efficiency and increases safety around the machine.

Machine couplers with QuickChange™ use the same basic design as other machine couplers, including SecureLock™, and follow the S standard.

As each excavator has its own excavation geometry, having a machine coupler in harmony with this is important. Our design with welded side plates ensures that the machine coupler is optimized based on those key dimensions of the base excavator. Rototilt machine couplers are manufactured with a frame of tempered cast steel with a broad coupling mechanism for long service life. Together with Rototilt's tiltrotator and tools, unique excavation geometry is maintained as all parts interact with each other.

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Patent-pending solutions.


Up to 50% higher hydraulic flow compared to previous generation, thanks to improved design of the hydraulic couplings. Get better performance when using tools with high flow and low pressure drop requirements.


SecureLock™ as standard ensures that tools are always properly secured.

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A specially developed, more durable nose seal in the hydraulic coupling dramatically increases service life and minimizes the risk of leakage. Nose seals are easily replaced without special tools.


Unique safety features keep tools in place even when hydraulic pressure is lost by, for example; the use of spring-loaded locking cylinders and the cylindric locking wedges that are terminated with a flat surface. 


Encapsulated springs in the hydraulic coupling minimize the risk of contamination of the machine's hydraulic system in the event of spring fractures.


Improved design of covers and seals protects the couplings against dirt and contaminants.


Robust and unique design of hydraulic couplings.

Technical data

Weight, from 474 lb 215 kg
Permitted positive torque 221270 ft.lb 300 kNm
Permitted max. load, lift hook 17635 lb 8000 kg
Max. weight class, base machine/excavator 66140 lb 30000 kg
Max working pressure 5076 psi 35 MPa
Min number of couplings 2 2
Max number of couplings 5 5
Flow at 3 bar ∆p 1" 101 gpm 381 l/min
Flow at 3 bar ∆p 3/4" 59 gpm 225 l/min
Flow at 3 bar ∆p 1/2" 21 gpm 79 l/min


.Position Coupling size Coupling size
1 1/2" 1/2"
2 1" 1"
3 3/4" 3/4"
4 1" 1"
5 1/2" 1/2"
Attachment fitting
C 23,61 in Coupling size
P Ø2,76 in 1/2"
W 17,64 in 1"

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