The RC6 is tailored for excavators weighing between 15-24 tonnes. It is a durable tiltrotator which, just like our other models, is designed to cope with harsh conditions over a prolonged period of use, and can handle breakout torques of up to 255 kNm. Tiltrotators in the RC series have been designed for your operating experience, energy efficiency and versatility. With pressure-compensated hydraulics, you can use the tiltrotator’s functions independently of each other to deliver optimum precision. In addition, thanks to the RC™ System proportional control system, you can control all the functions in one and the same excavation movement.

With the RC series, we have also created better conditions for you to work with high-flow functions, and extended your potential to use accessories that place high demands as regards hydraulic flows. You also gain access to Rototilt’s other functions and properties, such as a rotor housing cast in a single piece and oil-filled for maximum lubrication, minimal wear and an extremely long service life. You enjoy even more benefits in combination with the optional RC™ Joysticks and QuickChange™, as well as the SecureLock™ safety lock, which is always included as standard.

Technical specification

Machine weight, min-max 33070 - 52910 lb 15000 - 24000 kg
Bucket width, max 71 in 1800 mm
Breakout force, max 38220 lbf 170 kN
Breakout torque, max 188080 ft.lb 255 kNm
Tilt angle (2x) 40 ° 40 °
Rotation speed (1 revolution in) 7.0 s at 19 gpm 7.0 s at 19 gpm
Working pressure 3626 psi 25 MPa
Recommended hydraulic flow, min 32 gpm 121 l/min
Rotation torque 7044 ft.lb 9550 Nm
Tilting torque, double-acting cylinders 41745 ft.lb 56600 Nm

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Match with your machine

In Rototilt’s product guide, you can match products with your machine and build your own tiltrotator system, from machine coupler to tiltrotator and tool.

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