Tool attachment frames

The tool attachment frame is the connection between the excavator’s machine coupler or tiltrotator and your tool. Rototilt’s tool attachment frames are based on Open-S. In our standard attachment frame, the hydraulics are connected manually when changing tools, although the process is smooth thanks to our modern quick coupling. With Rototilt® QuickChange™, you can change hydraulic tools without leaving the cab.

For service tools, we have developed AFT ST, a weld-constructed attachment frame with a low weight and bolted coupling ramp, optimized for Rototilt’s tools requiring a bolt-on attachment frame. For tools that require even greater breakout force, we have developed AFT HD with a cast, heavy duty construction. Even though AFT HD is optimized for use with e.g. hydraulic hammers and other heavy demolition tools, it has a flexible design to suit a variety of tools and manufacturers.



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