Frequently asked questions

We have gathered together the most frequently asked questions about your Rototilt. If you cannot find an answer to your particular question, please contact your dealer. Rototilt always recommends using our service workshops.

Is my Rototilt® oil-filled or grease-filled?

When we launched the RT60 in 1997, we went over to oil-filled.

The older RT800, RT830 and RT1401 models were grease-filled.

Which oil should I use?

Rototilt recommends the oil with art. no. 1017656, available in 4-litre jugs. 



How often should the oil level be checked?

The oil level should be checked every 160 hours. Perform the check by tilting the tiltrotator approx 20°. The oil level should then be just below the filling hole.

How often should the oil level be replaced?

The oil should be changed every 500 h.

How much oil does the rotor housing hold?

R1, RT10

0,2 l

R2, RT20B

0,45 l

R3, RT30

1,0 l

R4, RT40B

1,5 l

R5, R6, RT60

2,0 l

R8, RT80

3,0 l


5,0 l

Which paint should I use to touch up my Rototilt® tiltrotator?

Use a quick-drying polyurethane paint for your Rototilt tiltrotator.

Color codes:

Red 3002
Black 9005

How do I fit an extra implement onto my RT40, RT60 or RT80 grapple module?

At the very back of the grapple cylinders, there are manual taps and outlets for extra function.


On elder models, the swivel block is replaced and fitted with a reversing valve (art no 4300 080). It is available in electrical or manual versions and enables the coupling of implements to outlets 3 or 4 of the swivel.