Joysticks from Rototilt handed award for good design – for the third time



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Caroline Jonsson

It has now been announced that the Swedish tiltrotator manufacturer Rototilt has won a German Design Award for its recently launched joysticks – RC Joysticks. However, this is not the first design award that Rototilt has won in the past year.

The German Design Awards set an international standard when it comes to innovative design and global competitiveness. The winners are selected by a high quality international jury that works to identify design trends across multiple sectors. It has now been announced that Rototilt is one of these winners. In 2022, the Vindeln-based tiltrotator manufacturer launched a new product concept by the name of Rototilt Control. This included the new product RC Joysticks, for which the company has now received an award – for the third time.

“It is with great pleasure that we are accepting this prestigious award for RC Joysticks,” states Caroline Jonsson, Product Manager at Rototilt. “RC Joysticks are designed to control a tiltrotator with a high level of precision and good ergonomics. This distinction is testament to our commitment to innovative design and to improving the day-to-day lives of our end users. Once again, we have demonstrated that we design our solutions with the user in mind, and this award is giving us even more impetus to continue doing so.”

Nowadays, good design is about more than just appearance and function. It involves supplying answers to the market’s demands and needs, as well as taking into account how the product or service affects society. This is how the German Design Awards describe the way they themselves view and judge design. And it is an approach that Rototilt seems to share, according to Jonsson.

“Our aim is to solve problems in the user’s everyday life in unexpected and innovative ways. An important aspect of this work is to involve them in the design process and identify new methods that cater to the needs of our users and customers,” says Jonsson. “In the case of RC Joysticks, we have worked on several fronts, but one of the most important has been the field tests we have conducted with real machine operators. With their help, we have been able to develop a product that a great many people seem to appreciate.”

With RC Joysticks, Rototilt has won in the category Excellent Product Design – Automotive Parts and Accessories.

Previous design awards for RC Joysticks are the IF Design Awards 2023 and the Red Dot Award 2023.

RC™ Joysticks

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