Rototilt® R series

A tiltrotator from the R series pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with an excavator, allowing you to take on a wider range of jobs.

Tiltrotators for excavators weighing between 1.5-32 tonnes

The R series includes tiltrotators for excavators weighing between 1.5-32 tonnes. From the smallest tiltrotator, the Rototilt® R1, to the largest tiltrotator in the series, the Rototilt® R8. Working with a tiltrotator improves your flexibility and productivity. It makes it easier to access difficult areas, as well as increasing your reach and enabling you to accomplish more with fewer machine movements. In combination with the control system, safety solutions, work tools and the machine coupler, this creates a strong chain that starts with you, the key player in the cab.

Match with your machine

In Rototilt’s product guide, you can match products with your machine and build your own tiltrotator system, from machine coupler to tiltrotator and tool.

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