One of the leading manufacturer of safe and efficient tiltrotatorsystems

The fact that Rototilt® has such a strong position in the market is no coincidence. It is the result of a razor-sharp focus on long-term product development.

All our knowledge, resources and experience are gathered together in our unique research and testing facility in Vindeln, some 50 km northwest of Umeå in northern Sweden, where we are constantly testing and evaluating new technical ideas. Our development department works together with leading Swedish universities to optimise materials and designs for maximised productivity and service life.

In addition to being the birthplace of Rototilt's own innovations, many international machine manufacturers turn to us to develop new products or functions as well as to verify designs and production methods. Materials experts, designers and production engineers work side by side. We even have our own senior lecturer in tribology – the science surrounding friction, wear and lubrication of surfaces in sliding or rolling contact.

The latest results of this work can be seen in the new R series tiltrotator.