Rototilt QuickChange™ - The next generation's fully automatic quick coupler system is here

The new generation of Rototilt QuickChange™ for machine couplers, tiltrotators and tools lets you change hydraulic tools without even leaving the cab. Safe and simple. Additionally, the system incorporates several patent-pending solutions. Rototilt QuickChange™ opens a range of new user benefits:

‹‹ High safety

The combination of changing hydraulic tools without leaving the cab, as well as integration with SecureLock™ and a number of safety-enhancing design solutions, gives you maximum safety – even if you lose hydraulic pressure

Unmatched service life ››

The new generation of QuickChange™ has several unique innovations that combine to give the system greatly improved service life compared to previous solutions. The secret lies in conscientious product development for each function and each component of the system, as well as perfect integration between Rototilt's tiltrotators, machine couplers and tools. An unbeatable combination of performance, durability and optimized excavation geometry.  

‹‹ Minimizes wear on your tiltrotator (and your shoes)

With Rototilt QuickChange™ you get the best of both worlds: Your excavator becomes a full-fledged tool carrier that lets you to do jobs faster, smarter and with more precision. At the same time, you can quickly disconnect your tiltrotator in tough environments or when the job doesn't require tiltrotator functionality. Everything is handled completely automatically without you even having to leave the cab. 

50% higher flow ››

A completely new construction with improved design of hydraulic couplings provides up to 50% higher hydraulic flow compared to previous generation. It optimizes the use of the machine's hydraulics, giving you the performance you need when working with your most demanding tools. 


This is much smarter. In the past, I often needed to climb in and out of the cab. Switching between hammers and tiltrotators was especially complicated, it could take 15 minutes and it wasn't much fun being out in the cold. There could be five or ten changes pretty close to each other. Now it only takes seconds, plus you get to stay inside where it's nice and warm. In fact, I'd now rather change once too often than once too little...

That it's easy to disconnect the tiltrotator is also good, for when you need extra breaking power or lifting capacity. Plus, you spare the tiltrotator from unnecessary wear...


I'm a bit old-fashioned, so my first thought when I got the chance to try it out was "what's this piece of junk?" But now I've been using it for a year now and it's like night and day... it's the same feeling as when you got your driver's licence. Freedom!
I often say that the best thing about being a machine operator nowadays is when it's really rainy, nasty and cold outside – because I get to sit inside where it's warm and don't have to be climbing in and out of the machine. And then there's the sandwich solution that lets me put the tiltrotator aside for certain jobs, like when I'm going to be using a hammer or tooth bucket... yeah, I have to admit I was wrong, this is really really good.


I save several hours every day. But perhaps the most important thing is not time, but that the job is done safely and correctly. I always have the right tool for every job, without spending any extra time. That tool changes are no longer a problem has also enabled me to work more efficiently. Even if the lorry is only gone for a few minutes, I have time to work with the hammer before it's time to switch back to the bucket and load the next load...
And the working environment ... yes, it's a whole new level. I don't have to be constantly leaving the cab. I've been using it for a year now and haven't had any problems at all, not even with the nose seals, which was a problem with the previous solutions I used.

Rototilt QuickChange™

Patent-pending solutions.

SecureLock™ as standard ensures that tools are always properly secured.

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Robust and unique design of hydraulic couplings.

Up to 50% higher hydraulic flow compared to previous generation, thanks to improved design of the hydraulic couplings. Get better performance when using tools with high flow and low pressure drop requirements.

The system enables unique excavation geometry as all parts interact with one another. It's Rototilt® all the way.

Rototilt QuickChange™ in brief

... for machine couplers

With Rototilt QuickChange™ you can handle your machine coupler – and the other parts of the system – automatically from the cab. The heavy-duty locking construction gives you a machine coupler completely free of play, with a small number of well-protected components.

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...for tiltrotators

Rototilt's tiltrotator is packed with technological innovations that transform your excavator into a smart tool carrier, helping you to achieve better results and to improve your capabilities for taking on new types of jobs. When you choose Rototilt, you get a system that really works – from machine coupler to tools.

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... for hydraulic tools

Rototilt QuickChange™ enables automatic hydraulic tool changes, both saving time and increasing safety. With our attachment frames, we can ensure that both hydraulic and mechanical tools will work as intended on your machine.

... and down to the smallest detail

We haven't left anything to chance. Some examples:


A specially developed, more durable nose seal in the hydraulic coupling dramatically increases service life and minimizes the risk of leakage. Nose seals are easily replaced without special tools.


Unique safety features on machine couplers and quick couplers secure tools even if pressure is lost

- Spring-loaded locking cylinder
- Flat contact surface on cylindric locking wedge
- Constant locking pressure in the locking cylinder is ensured by a check valve


Encapsulated springs in the hydraulic coupling minimise the risk of contamination of the machine's hydraulic system in the event of spring fractures.


Improved design of covers and seals protects the couplings against dirt and contaminants.