Unique production strategy

We take the position that everything can be improved upon. This approach has led to a hyper-modern, efficient production facility that never fails to impress.

In order to further evolve as an attractive employer, Rototilt took part in the Jämvikt project (equilibrium) in 2006. All of our employees were included in a seminar and enjoyed the help of representatives from the employers' association and trades unions as part of a joint project to boost production. This was a comprehensive national programme that sought to increase production, competitiveness and the capacity for development in Swedish industry. As a result, we introduced Lean Production into our production strategy.

Our Lean Production is based on the company's fundamental values. Issues such as What do we actually represent and What are our common values helped create the Rototilt philosophy.

When Rototilt® was preparing to get its own factory, our entire production strategy came into focus. How should we structure efficient production that was ready to take on the future? As the first company in the world with a factory layout to use a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) at its core, Rototilt is unique. Never before had an automated central warehouse achieved such speed and integration. We set the best of examples for other technology companies.

Today, Lean Production is something that includes the entire company, and not just production.

Our efforts to get better continue. We are constantly evaluating our working methods and factory layout. And we never stop working to eliminate waste.