As Rototilt makes it possible to turn your excavator into a flexible multitasker, you can substantially improve the efficiency of your tasks, summer and winter. In addition, you can avoid hazardous or uncomfortable manual work as your machine can handle the same tasks faster and safer.

Snow clearing

Efficiency. With a sweeper roller or snow tiller, snow clearing in hard to reach areas, such as a rail yard is much easier.


Flexibility. With a sweeper roller, a difficult area can be cleared of gravel and sand, e.g. cycle tracks.

Goods handling

Versatility & efficiency. With the tiltrotator and smart tools the loading and unloading or movement of pallets can be streamlined.

Sweep roofs

Safety. With the sweeper roller a low level roof can be cleared of snow without the need of an individual having to climb up on the roof.


Smart solutions & versatility. With special applications, clearing in forests and streams, along edges of ditches, etc. is possible.