Power and flexibility in perfect combination. Rototilt gives you full freedom of movement in all operations, even with the machine fixed on the embankment. Suddenly, everything is on track.

Rail work

Access from all directions, even when the excavator is rail-bound. With a powerful grapple the excavator becomes effective for use when servicing rails.

Lay & replace sleepers

Straightforward & flexible. With the excavator fixed to the rails, you can still gain access from all directions. The bucket can be positioned at any angle to dig out fully. Sleepers can be replaced by using the grapple. 

Goods handling

Versatility. A properly equipped wheeled excavator is a flexible material handler. A tiltrotator and load holding valve make loading and unloading from goods wagons and trucks possible.


Accuracy. The excavator is used when constructing a track to prepare for rail laying.


Smart solutions. When the machine is still bound to the rails, Rototilt gives flexible access from all directions with a clearing attachment.