Road work

Rototilt gives you the benefits during road work. You can take on more assignments and perform them more efficiently and easier.


New smart benefits. Stripping where you clear to gain access e.g. for rock blasting. As the rock is uneven, Tiltrotator is a huge benefit due to its ability to follow the structure differences

Final adjustment

Added value & versatility. Level and make final adjustments after work before e.g. laying asphalt. With a ground compactor mounted on the tiltrotator it can gain access to pack the surface in all areas so that the preparation work becomes more efficient.

Ditch digging

Precision. When digging or adjusting ditches, the bucket can be tilted for the right angle of the ditch.

Grading work

Time saving & new tasks. With the ability to quickly switch between different tools, your machine becomes an effective multitasker for the grading work prior to e.g. laying asphalt.

Pole raising

Versatility. Preparation for pole raising. Poles are raised with the help of a grapple. Final adjustment is carried out with a bucket, which thanks to the tiltrotator can access around the pole without moving the machine.

Pipe laying

Flexibility & versatility. The excavator can dig, place (using the grapple module) and cover e.g. water and sewer pipes. If a pipe needs to be replaced, a tiltrotator with a trenching bucket can access to strip under the pipe. 

Digging wells

Safety & flexibility. Excavators with tiltrotator can perform all the work with well installation. Digging, placing the well and making final adjustments. Quickly, safely and efficiently.