Water & Sewer work

Versability. Rototilt opens up the possibility to combine several different work phases. To easily and safely be able to switch between different tools and to perform the entire job without unnecessary movements even in confined spaces.

Ditch digging

Precision. When digging or adjusting ditches, the bucket can be tilted and rotated to the correct position in the ditch

Pipe laying

Flexibility. In confined areas, such as inside a block, the excavator can strip, place and cover e.g. water and sewage pipes from the same position. If a pipe needs to be replaced, a tiltrotator with a trenching bucket can access to strip under the pipe.

Digging wells

Versatility. Excavators with tiltrotator can perform all the work with well installation - digging, place the well and restore.


Versatility. Level and make final adjustments after the work before e.g. laying asphalt. The surface is prepared further using a ground compactor.