Multi grapple – the optimal utility tool

The versatile multi-grapples have many areas of application: sorting, picking, etc. This is the optimum utility implement which, just like the heavier sorting grapple, is customized for Rototilt®.

The multi-grapple series is synonymous with quality and safety down to the smallest detail. Expander pins for simple readjustment and smarter maintenance. Impressive clamping force and great width for even better handling.

The multi-grapples also have end position buffering which automatically decelerates the grapple claws at their fully open position. This reduces shocks and wear and increases service life. The multi-grapples and sorting grapples are customized for Rototilt's tiltrotators. There is a size to fit every Rototilt®, which means operators enjoy a perfect combination of power, versatility and weight.


Your tools as a part of Rototilt QuickChange™

Rototilt QuickChange™ is a fully automatic quick coupler system, especially developed for Rototilt tiltrotators, machine couplers and tools. This means that you can change hydraulic tools without leaving the cab.

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