Grapple MG30

The ultra-strong and durable design of the multi-grapples (MG) makes them the optimum utility tool for operators who want to be able to take on more and complementary assignments.

Your grapple with QuickChange™

You can equip your grapple with a hydraulic attachment frame to quickly change tools without leaving the cab. The QuickChange™ attachment frame gives you several benefits and saves time.

More about QuickChange™

Technical data

Minimum working pressure 190 bar 190 bar
Maximum working pressure 250 bar 250 bar
Pressure relief valve 250 bar 250 bar
Recommended flow 40 l/min 40 l/min
Gripping force - arms open 13 kN 13 kN
Gripping force - arms tip-to-tip 15 kN 15 kN
Max permissible load 4800 kg 4800 kg
Weight 230 kg 230 kg
Grapple area 0.3 m² 0.3 m²
Max grip width 150 cm 150 cm
Min. diameter 9.0 cm 9.0 cm
Width 46 cm 46 cm
Height, tip-to-tip 92 cm 92 cm
Height, max grip width 83 cm 83 cm

Measurement specification


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