Terminology glossary

Attachments, tools, excavator tools – All the “tools” an excavator can use. For example: buckets, grapples, compactors, brush-cutters, hydraulic hammers etc.

Coupler or Coupling system – There are both fixings (upper part of the tiltrotator, towards the excavator arm) and quick couplers (lower part of the tiltrotator, towards the tool). Couplings are availible in different designs and “manufacture” and can be S-standard (S30, S40, S45, S50, S60 S70, S80), Bofors coupler (S1 or S2), pin grabs (which pick up tools that are made to fit directly onto the excavator arm) as well as several other couplings.

Machine fixings – Situated on the excavator arm and enable the operator to exchange different tools mechanically or hydraulically. A machine fixing uses a specific coupling system and is able to pick up tools with exactly the same coupling.

Fixing – Where the excavator arm is fixed to the tilt rotator. Situated on the top of the tiltrotator. Can be directly coupled to the machine or onto a machine fixing that uses a specific fixing system. 

Quick coupler  – Is a coupling that is located under the tiltrotator - in order to be able to use an excavator tool that has the same fixing system.

SecureLock™ - Is a function and a safety lock to ensure safe coupling of tools to the quick coupler.. The function confirms to the excavator operator that the tool has been coupled correctly. SecureLock™ meets all the current safety standards and the coming ISO standard designed to prevent accidents occurring because of lost tools. SecureLock™ interacts with the control system ICS and combines mechanical and electronic functions with clear sound signals and continual monitoring.

ICS - Rototilt’s Innovative Control System is the market’s most user-friendly proportionate control system. Every function and every component in ICS is specially developed to maximise the advantages of your Rototilt® at the same time as you may choose exactly what functions you want in the control system.

ISO - standard - ISO is a joint organisation for national standard organisations in 157 countries. ISO’s main task is to develop standards for the industry, to make it easier to develop and manufacture products and services with the purpose of making trading easier.

LHV – Rototilt’s load holding valve is a safety function to make sure no load can be lost in the event of a hose rupture or loss of hydraulic pressure. This provides both a safe working situation around the excavator and prevents damage to the actual load.

ILS – Rototilt’s Innovative Lubrication System enables central lubrication of the tilt rotator. The ILS pack consists of a robust distributor block with hoses, connected to the various lubrication points on the tiltrotator. The block can be connected to the excavator’s central lubrication and then quickly distributes lubrication in the correct amount, alternatively you may lubricate all the tiltrotator’s lubrication points manually from two points.

Swivel – A rotating interface enabling hydraulic oil to be transported between the excavator and the tool without reducing or eliminating any of the functions of the tiltrotator. The swivel is fitted directly to the quick coupler to minimise the risk of leaks, minimise drops in pressure and increase flow capacity.

HFS – High-flow-swivel is a swivel that can manage a higher pressure and flow, up to 200 litres/min at 300 bar and provides entirely new opportunities to use different types of hydraulic work tools.

TLE – Tilt-Lock-Extra, the directional valve which enables switching between the tilt function and an extra hydraulic connection on the tiltrotator. The tiltrotator’s quick coupler is also controlled with this system. The system is designed to be operated with double hydraulic functions from the machine. Where the machine permits, the tilt and rotation functions can be used simultaneously.

TE- Tilt-Extra, the directional valve which enables switching between the tilt function and extra hydraulic connection on the tiltrotator. The system is designed to be operated with double hydraulic functions from the machine. Where the machine permits, the tilt and rotation functions can be used simultaneously. The tiltrotator’s coupler is operated by existing forked “lock hydraulics” from the machine.

RPS -The Rototilt Positioning Solution makes it possible to see the exact current position, in the excavator display, in real time, for how the tiltrotator is rotated and tilted. Functions in combination with ICS and existing excavation system brands such as Trimble, Scanlaser (Leica), Top Con and others.

Double acting cylinders – Hydraulic cylinders that allow the tiltrotator to tilt. Double acting cylinders provide a greater tilt torque, but are of a larger size (higher) compared to single acting cylinders.

Telescopic cylinders/ Single acting cylinders - Hydraulic cylinders that allow the tiltorator to tilt. Single acting cylinders occupy less space, but have a lower tilt torque compared to double acting cylinders.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer, manufacturers like for example Volvo or Komatsu.

OED - Original Equipment Distributors, dealer selling products from manufacturers.